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10 ways to start loving yourself the way you deserve to be loved

Whilst we all live life in what ever way we want, a key success to your life is to be able to love freely, this starts with the love of oneself.

When we are always looking out at the world and all we can see is sadness and misery, we are looking at the inner reflection of ourselves, in that we are showing ourselves that we are not happy.

I have found that when a person begins loving themselves first, the ripple effect takes place and the outer world also tends to follow. There are a few people I have known to follow specific loving techniques which enriched their lives with the joy and happiness they sought out.

The Key to your success is within the Sub-conscious mind!

With this I want to share this recipe to self love, with 10 simple things you can do:

1) Have gratitude towards all that you have today

2) Look after your body (its the only one you get) - Exercise

3) Eat Healthy - Good Healthy Diet

4) Affirm positive statements to yourself of how great you are

5) Eliminate Negative thoughts by replacing with positive ones

6) Forgive yourself

7) Be Truthful to yourself

8) Release Negative Emotions; Anger, Fear, Sadness, Hurt and Guilt

9) Spend time on something that you love doing

10) Spend time to connect with nature to gain clarity and perspective

I can assure you that even doing 50% of the above will bring about some positive impact in your life. Something so little can really make such a huge impact.

Stop the self-doubt and start the self loving.

The key to your happiness is in your hands!

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