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How a small decision can turn your life around

Decisions? We make them all the time, not realising how some of our decisions affect our outcomes in life. As life throws challenges and problems to us, we automatically have to make the appropriate decision to overcome the challenges and problems. Sometimes we make the right decision and sometimes we make the wrong decision. The enlightening moment is when we understand our decision making process. We can then make the right decisions that align with the goals we set for ourselves based on the core values each of us have identified.

The first thing to look into is, what it is we really want?, and, are we actually deciding to commit whole heartedly? The small decision of committing is not enough, as based on what your values and belief systems are, the appropriate action must also be taken. Simply put if a something honours your value it is the right behavioural trait to well informed correct decisions, however, if a behaviour is against your value then we can be sure we are making the wrong choices or decisions. This understanding will take you either further or closer to your goals.

A good example of small this is when a person eats due to boredom or stress. When this person is bored they eat and gain weight, have health issues but find it difficult to change, as they have accustomed themselves to this behaviour and lifestyle, creating a belief system that warrants this behaviour. They generally do not see a way to correct this incorrect behavioural lifestyle. However when the same person decides "No More" and taking the appropriate action and sticking to it, their life will literally turn around. This would include joining a gym, reducing meal sizes, taking regular walks, cooking healthy meals, buying the right dietary requirements and sticking to a plan. This isn't an easy overnight road, it involves great commitment, resilience and will power to achieve the desired goal, but it all starts with the small decision of "No More!", followed by controlling the behaviour of eating. By sticking to the plan a new belief system replaces the old and aligns you more to your core values.

So, overall, be conscious of your decision making as the understanding to this can seriously turn your life around!

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