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Learn how to free yourself from anxieties with these 8 things you can do

A lot of people find that they suffer from mild to severe form of anxiety, and as a result tend to suffer in silence. Anxiety can be a very harsh reality check for a person, trying to urge a person to start loving themselves and release themselves from fear. But being in a state of Anxiety, Fear or Depression can seem like an endless pit of misery or panic.

There are many methods that can help a person overcome Anxiety, here are 8 I think help, based on my experience working with many clients overcoming their anxiety.

1) Meditate

2) Exercise

3) Self Love and Acceptance

4) Engage in self-development reading

5) Yoga

6) Deep Breathing Exercises

7) Hypnotherapy

8) Release negative emotions (Anger, Fear, Sadness, Hurt, Guilt) by acceptance - Time Line Therapy

Creating a calm state of mind will definitely help in reducing anxiety levels and meditating for 15mins a day, focusing on the in and out breath has helped many of my clients.

I have also discovered that anxiety is closely linked to fear, so when a person overcomes their fear, they indirectly conquer elements of their anxiety. This makes it easy to deal with or get rid of anxiety all together. As each case is unique to each individual there is no set way, but one thing is for sure, a calm mind is a common theme amongst curing anxiety.

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